Is type 2 diabetes reversible? Potentially yes!

Yes, despite having been considered a life-long chronic condition, latest research has shown that it’s possible to reverse type 2 diabetes!

A very-low calorie diet and successive weight loss can reverse type 2 diabetes

In 2016, researchers studied 30 people with type 2 diabetes. Subjects were put on a very-low calorie diet for 8 weeks after stopping all their diabetes medication. After the 8 weeks of very-low calorie diet, 12 out of 30 participants had normal fasting glucose levels. Even after 6 months, 13 out of 30 participants still were able to maintain normal glucose levels.

The 2 steps to reverse type 2 diabetes

  • First step: Achieve a considerable weight loss by following a very low-calorie diet for about 2 months
  • Second step: Maintain weight loss for long term by following a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet and regular exercise)

How can hypnotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy help you with weight loss?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a commonly used type of psychotherapy used by mental health professional to achieve lifestyle changes (e.g. weight loss and stop smoking) in patients. Adding hypnosis to CBT increases the probability of achieving a long-term weight loss in obese patients.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps overweight/obese patients

  • to monitor their eating habits and physical activity
  • solve problems
  • analyzing unhealthy thought patterns and replacing them with healthy ones (also called cognitive restructuring)
  • managing stress

Medical hypnosis (hypnotherapy) helps overweight/obese patients

  • slowing down the act of eating
  • eating with respect for the body
  • finding realistic goals
  • motivating them to follow a diet plan and exercise program
  • maintaining the weight loss